Massage heals

When you have breast cancer, your body is constantly being poked, prodded, cut and poisoned. Even when treatment is complete, your body still feels foreign, uncomfortable and tense.

Becoming comfortable in your new body takes some experimenting:
– Finding a new, comfortable sleeping position is a challenge.
– Identifying exercises that are effective and painless requires effort.
– Even getting a massage requires teamwork.

I know this firsthand because I visited Samantha at Healthy Touch Day Spa this week for my first post-mastectomy massage.

I explained my circumstances to her and she graciously did everything in her power to make me feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. We experimented, as a team, with strategically-placed rolled towels which eliminated my pain points and improved my overall experience. 60 minutes later I emerged from the beautiful, Victorian room refreshed and renewed which is something I haven’t felt in six months.

Spa Featture

Connie Stewart-Sacks, the owner of Healthy Touch Day Spa, has shown her support to breast cancer survivors through her donation to the Survive then Thrive retreat as well. A huge thank you to Connie and her staff for easing the road for cancer survivors.

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