What are you doing on October 24th?

We hope your answer to that questions is “ATTENDING TRESSES & DRESSES”. This fun-filled event takes place from 6-8 pm in the Occupational Studies Building at Ogeechee Technical College. Just follow the signs for an evening of laughter and entertainment.

Tresses and Dresses will allow you to have a chance to watch local stylists square off for the chance to win $500.

Tresses and Dresses will allow you to see fellow survivors show off the latest fashion trends thanks to Walker Pharmacy Boutique.

Tresses and Dresses will give you an evening of comraderie and support from the community and fellow survivors.

So when someone asks you “what are you doing on on October 24th,” your answer should be “Attending Tresses and Dresses – will you join me?”

To learn more, visit www.StatesboroPinkPower.org/events/

Be strong this week,


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